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Hi I'm Jennifer...

Certified Coach, Healer, &

U*fuckwithable Woman

Jennifer is powered by coffee, humor, the occasional curse word, and a deep belief that healing the wound of unworthiness within each of us is the key to better relationships and a happier, healthier world. She knows the human experience isn't always easy - but it also doesn't have to be as hard as we make it!

Jennifer is the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Courage to Rise, and is a Board Certified Coach (BCC), a credential recognizing coaches meeting the highest standards in training, experience, ethics, and business practice. She is also a certified spiritual healer, practicing powerful and effective emotional healing methods to release energetic blocks and catalyze rapid emotional healing.


With 20 years of experience and success in corporate sales and leadership roles, Jennifer brings a unique blend of experience to her coaching practice, balancing the science of success with the art of healing and inner work to create lasting positive change in her clients' lives.

Her clients know her to be compassionate and devoid of judgment, willing to stand with them in the fire on their journey while also lovingly serving up the "no bullshit" truth when needed. She goes above and beyond in her dedication to helping her clients achieve their goals, understand their purpose, and create an extraordinary, authentic life. Her work empowers them from within with the confidence to get "unstuck" and gives them tools to create a more peaceful and happy life. From improving relationships to achieving health and fitness goals to finding their passion and creating a life of true fulfillment - she does it all!

Life's too short not to sparkle. Sparkle the f*ck on...

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