Jennifer Wreyford Courage to Rise

Courage to Rise


A Ten-Week Journey From Surviving to Thriving After

Your Relationship Ends


You are recently divorced or have gone through a breakup from either a short or long-term relationship (a broken heart is a broken heart, no matter how long it lasted!). You feel the rug has been ripped out from under you and your life has been turned upside-down. Maybe everything feels uncertain now and you're just surviving from one day to the next. You're not even sure who you are anymore or what you really want out of life, but you know you're ready for more...and you're ready to rise!

Who are you now?
You might also be...
  • feeling your self-esteem and confidence at an all-time low or not feeling “good enough”

  • reliving memories of your ex or unable to stop thinking about them

  • experiencing waves of overwhelming sadness, anxiety, or depression

  • eating, drinking, shopping, or doing things to "make yourself feel better" but it never lasts

  • finding "getting back out there" on the dating scene to be daunting, hopeless, frustrating, or downright depressing to think about

  • just plain tired of how you've been feeling and ready to freaking feel better again!


Do you worry it may always feel this way? That you'll never be able to really move on and feel happy?




​...waking up in the morning, feeling so happy to be YOU. You feel good about yourself. You’re calm and confident in who you are and how you show up in the world.

When you think of your former relationship, there's no "negative charge"...just a neutral remembrance of the past. You feel light and radiant and you're so proud of how far you've come. You feel comfortable and healthy in your body, your money is rocking, and your relationships are better than ever.  

You have a clear vision of where you’re headed and you know how you’ll get there…and you trust in your ability to navigate the bumps in the road and those inevitable curve balls life will throw your way!

It IS possible, and it IS 100% possible for YOU!

This ten-week program is tailored specifically to get you there! Each week has been intentionally designed to create fast and lasting results for the woman who is ready to move on after heartbreak, find confidence, and feel ready to fall in love again - with herself, with her own life,  AND her future partner!

Sister, I have good news for you...


There IS another side to how you're feeling.

There IS a way through the suffering you're experiencing.


In This Program You Will...

  • break out of "survival mode" and start to thrive

  • discover the real reason why heartbreak feels like it will never go away

  • learn powerful and effective tools to break cycles of negative thought patterns

  • gain the confidence that you can handle anything life throws your way

  • develop a clear roadmap for next steps to move your life powerfully forward!

  • feel clear, ready, and excited to fall in love again

  • improve the quality of your relationships – romantic and otherwise

  • develop life-long friendships in a safe, supportive sisterhood (no "mean girls" here!) of like-minded women on the same journey


" all that possible in just ten weeks?"

YES! I spent years creating and refining my proprietary method that is a holistic “recovery plan” to fast-track your recovery!

Combining practical, proven steps and guided support combined with energetic healing modalities and neuroplasticity techniques, this is the most comprehensive and powerfully effective approach tailored to healing from heartbreak and recovering after the end of a relationship ​

In just ten weeks, you will fast track your healing and recovery, and lay the foundation for happiness and success in every area of your life.

The Courage to Rise Method