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Healing Day


  • Do you feel like no matter how many therapy sessions you have, you still can’t get to the root of your emotional suffering?


  • Do you constantly feel yourself blocked from having what you truly want? 


  • Do you find yourself unable to let go of a past relationship or stop thinking about someone from the past?


  • Do you find yourself carrying resentment toward your parents, or feeling heavy with shame and guilt you can’t seem to overcome?


  • Are you ready to free yourself from suffering and enjoy a more positive outlook on life?


A Healing Day is an intensive transformational experience that will catalyze positive change in your life for years to come! We will focus on deep emotional healing to lift those heavy feelings and energetic blocks that are keeping you in states of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Using non-invasive energetic healing methods, we will work with the natural chemistry of your brain to release the charge around painful, negative memories and create positive energetic shifts in your life.

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