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Empowerment Weekend


What if one weekend could change your life for the better?

What if one weekend could give you more confidence and clarity on your future than you’ve ever experienced before?


What if one weekend could break negative patterns, bring deep and lasting emotional healing, and set you on the path to success and happiness like never before? 


Would you say “Hell yes, Jennifer, I’m in!”


That’s what you get from an intensive Empowerment Weekend with me!

Together, we will deep dive into all areas of your life that aren’t where you’d like them to be. We will do deep healing work to release limiting beliefs and uncover what’s blocking you in those areas. Using non-invasive energetic methods and techniques, we’ll reprogram your subconscious mind to free you of what’s holding you back. You’ll also receive practical coaching and a clear blueprint and roadmap for how to continue to capitalize on your growth and breakthroughs from our weekend together!

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