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Who You Will Become After Working Together...

Private Client Love

Jen and her tough love, mixed with compassionate guidance was EXACTLY what I needed in this time of transition!  I came to Jen with so many ideas swirling in my head about my career path, along with a great sense of overwhelm in trying to manage many other parts of my life. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know where to begin.   With Jen’s support I was able to take action immediately, which led me to breaking from a much overdue professional relationship, and expanding my own business.  I’ve been able to increase my income AND my personal freedom to enjoy my family more. 

100% worth the investment!  

-A.G., Colorado


Group Program Client Love

“Jennifer is very wise, loving, and understanding. I’ve felt very supported all the way and the personal changes I’ve made in only a few months are incredible. I now experience more freedom and trust in myself as a result.


I participated in her “Courage to Rise” program and it’s honestly one of the most transformational programs I’ve ever done in that amount of time! We addressed several issues that were blocking me from reaching my goals, got to the root of them, which inspired new actions and new results. Being part of a supportive sisterhood along this journey was empowering and the price of the program was within my budget and I got sooo much value out of it!


I can highly recommend Jennifer as a coach and especially her Courage to Rise program. I’ve worked with other coaches before, what I really love about Jennifer is that she is super available to respond quickly and is very supportive in general. She is like the wise big sister I never had!”

-J.P., Denmark

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